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Fair Medicare Physician Reimbursement– The failure to provide a permanent fix for the flawed Medicare sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula jeopardizes access to specialty medical care for our nation’s elderly and disabled. Congress must pass a permanent SGR fix. Ideally any system that replaces the SGR would update payments based on the Medicare Economic Index (MEI), allowing reimbursements to be based on the actual cost of providing care. Congress should empower patients to obtain medical services from the physician of their choice by adopting additional Medicare payment options and maintaining access to fee-for-service. [FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE]

IPAB Repeal Handout – The Alliance strongly opposes the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) and urges its repeal. The IPAB is a group of 15 unelected, unaccountable individuals who will have the authority to make significant changes to Medicare. Individuals with little or no clinical expertise must not make important health care decisions without the resources or the oversight required to protect seniors’ access to care. [FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE]

Enact Real Medical Liability Reform – The unpredictability of the current system has led doctors to limit the scope of their practices, move to states that have effective reforms in place, or leave medical practice altogether. Without reform, patients’ continued access to timely and necessary medical care remains in jeopardy. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and others estimate that medical liability reform will help achieve significant health system savings. Specialty physicians believe it is imperative that Congress pass comprehensive medical liability reform legislation based on proven reforms in California and Texas. [FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE]

Improve the Quality of Patient Care – The Alliance wholly supports efforts to improve the quality and effectiveness of health care for all Americans and member organizations are actively engaged in quality improvement efforts. The Alliance supports positive incentives that assist specialty physicians with piloting, and eventually adopting, new workflows and technologies that will enable them to provide the highest quality and most appropriate care for patients. We oppose financial penalties or untenable deadlines that do not promote, but rather hinder, specialty physicians’ ability to improve quality. [FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE]

Support Medical Innovation – The Alliance urges the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to support medical innovation by providing timely access to new therapies. Alliance members advocate for policies beneficial to patients that are transparent, predictable, least burdensome, and do not intrude on the practice of medicine. The Alliance is concerned that Medicare payment and coverage policies can stifle innovation. Approaches such as accountable care organizations (ACOs), bundling, and not paying for new technology may prohibit the development of safer and better procedures, and they may be much more costly in the long run. The Alliance urges Congress to be vigilant over any measures that would inappropriately increase the regulatory burden for medical device innovation, hurt America’s competitive advantage, and delay or deny appropriate care for patients.

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